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Electrician in Cheshire and South Manchester

Electrical Contractors UK

UK Electrical Contractors available for new build projects

We understand new builds are complicated projects and have to be carefully planned and carried out and electricians have an important role in this. Chris Simpson Electrical Services are a UK Electrical Contractor available for hire to work on all the electrical requirements of your new build project. We will lay down all the necessary cable and wiring and ensure that electricity can be utilised safely in the building. As well as undertaking the wiring, we will ensure that all the electrical sockets are in place. We will provide power for applicances, lights and all the other power sockets in the new home or building.

UK Electrical Contractors with contruction site experience

There are a vast number rules and regulations regarding construction, both on site and specifically in regards to electrical work, so it is very important that an experienced UK Electrical Contractor is hired to work on your project and Chris Simpson Electrical Services have year's of experience in contruction site work and all that entails. We take a hands on approach and where there is a need for more than one electrician, we can call on our team of highly skilled and experienced electricians to work on your project.

UK Electrical Contractors for hire

As we get more technologically diverse and because of the growing green construction market, the role of electricians and contractors is also changing. Chris Simpson Electrical Services are an energy efficient electrical contractor that can advise you on energy reduction solutions. There are many good UK Electrical Contractors out there, but we believe our level of experience in construction makes us stand out from the rest and we would be happy to quote for your construction projects.

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